Ethical marketing & revenue operations for B2B companies

Marketing & Revenue Operations combined with a healthy infusion of ethical application of Behaviour Science to grow your business.

Embrace the Ethical Edge

Embrace the
Ethical Edge

Take a quick swipe below to see the ethical difference between us and traditional agencies.

Illustration showing the after conditionIllustration showing the before condition
Illustration showing the after conditionIllustration showing the before condition
What can we help you with?

We unlock business outcomes for you

We understand your goals, identify growth opportunities and use Applied Behavioural Science combined with Ethical Marketing strategies and tactics to grow your startup.

Demand Generation

Account-Based Marketing and Paid Media campaigns to generate more leads and nurture them into qualified leads and customers.

Demand Generation illustration
Audience Segmentation & Insight

Lead Scoring and Routing optimisation to help you understand and prioritise your existing prospects and clients.

Audience Segmentation & Insight illustration
Campaign Orchestration & Execution

We build and execute programs tailored to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with a focus on revenue, not vanity metrics.

Campaign Orchestration & Execution illustration
Measurement & Reporting

We can help you build a Single Source of Truth and Reports that will truly help you understand your business.

Measurement & Reporting illustration
Growth tools

Microsites, browser extensions, simple web apps, or even your main website. If it helps you grow, we can build and maintain it for you.

Growth tools illustration

We use whatever tools work best for your business

As Rory Sutherland brilliantly put it, "Marketing today feels like attending a poetry festival only to discover that every talk is about bookbinding."

We share his sentiment and believe that while Marketing technologies (MarTech) are essential tools for boosting performance and revenue, they shouldn't steal the limelight, as their significance often surpasses their actual impact. Nevertheless, here are a few that we have deep expertise with:

HubSpot LogoHubSpot Logo
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Looker Studio logoLooker Studio logo
Looker Studio
Zapier logoZapier logo
Glide Apps logoGlide Apps logo
Glide Apps
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Matomo Analytics


Most marketers focus on vanity metrics, but Radu has a genuine Founder’s mentality and shares priceless B2B marketing insights with a unique and refreshing approach. His trusted network of experts is impressive, and I can always rely on them to provide outstanding guidance and execution.
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Stephanie Postless

CEO & Founder

How we work

Our approach

As an intentionally small consultancy, we exclusively partner with clients who align with our values and engage in projects that contribute positively to society. Above all, we only collaborate with clients when we are confident we can make a meaningful impact.

01Values alignment

Before deciding if we would work with a company, we ask ourselves: "Would we be happy with your loved ones knowing we worked on this?"
Unless the answer is a 'Hell, yeah!', it's a No.

02Understand your goals and circumstances

Expertise in your industry or product is not always the magic ingredient for driving your growth. Surprisingly, it can be quite the opposite, but that's a story for another time.
What truly matters is a comprehensive grasp of your objectives. That's why we're obsessed with getting a deep understanding of your goals and circumstances as early as possible, no exceptions!


Your journey with us kicks off with a thorough audit, an essential step in uncovering areas that need attention and establishing clear priorities. This paid assessment enables us to assess your operational framework and is the foundation for crafting your unique strategy. Moreover, it offers a chance to gauge if we're the perfect match for each other.

04Getting started

Once we've found that sweet spot of compatibility, it's time to dive in. We approach each project with a real hands-on, "roll up your sleeves" attitude, just like a passionate founder. We don't fuss over how to make the next report look good; instead, we're constantly thinking, "If this Company were my own legacy, how would I handle it?"
We put our heart and soul into every project, even if it means putting in a little extra time – and we won't charge you more for it. No "move fast and break things" here.

05Working together

Don't you hate hiring an agency based on a flashy pitch only to deal with folks who look like they just discovered marketing 15 minutes ago? We do.
That's why, with us, you're in for a treat. You'll work directly with the Founder and a few talented, motivated folks. We're a small team but have a fantastic network of freelancers for extra skills. Plus, you'll stay in the loop on project updates, and we'll always make sure you get the "why" behind what we do.

Ethical Marketing Manifesto Poster
A Manifesto for Ethical Marketing

Ethical Marketing Manifesto

We wrote the manifesto that we would have liked to read at the beginning of our careers. It offers a glimpse into how we see marketing and a great indication of what you can expect if you decide to work with us.

Who we work with

Are we right for each other?

Early-stage B2B tech companies are our sweet spot and get the most value from working with us. We click best with Founder-led or companies guided by strong Marketing Leaders, where the journey to success matters as much as the destination.

We're not a good fit for you if:

You're all about 'growth hacks', shortcuts, or the latest framework a LinkedIn influencer shared the other day.
You're after quick wins, no matter what.
You think flashy campaigns rule over building real connections.
You're obsessed with your competition and forget about your clients.
You see marketing as a burden, not an investment.
You think Privacy is for suckers.

We’d love to work with you if:

You prioritise long-term growth and sustainability over short-term gains.
You don't sacrifice ethics for profits.
Your marketing emphasises truth and value over hype.
You welcome experimentation.
You respect your clients and value open and honest communication.
You prioritise Customer Empowerment, aim to provide fair and transparent pricing and act on customer feedback.
Get Started

We love building products too

Would you agree that every startup needs a "moat" to maintain their competitive advantage? Well, your marketing needs one too.
As time goes by, most marketing strategies end up with lousy results. That's where simple products like Browser Extensions come in. Check out a few we've created:


Bookmark manager that makes you smart(er)

Elegant new tab browser extension that makes you smart(er) and lets you save and manage your bookmarks easily. Super-fast search included.

A Cognitive Bias, Mental Model or Dark Pattern explained every time you open a new tab to help improve your decision-making process.

BrainyTab browser extension thumbnail
UX Principle extension thumbnail

UX Principles

See a UX principle explained every time you open a new tab. This extension draws on the wisdom and training of Jakob Nielsen, Bruce Tognazzini, Don Norman and other influential UX masters to help you get your UX right.

My Cognitive Bias extension thumbnail

My Cognitive Bias

Cognitive biases affect everything we do. When we are aware of our biases, it is sometimes possible, to estimate the bias and then modify our behaviour. This procedure is called bias correction, and this is the reason why we built this extension.

Out blog

Blog updates

Today's thought leaders benefit from making outlandish claims because they get noticed more; the more claims they make, the higher the odds some will be accurate.
Practitioners know that the world is complex so they make fewer claims and are busy doing meaningful work. We are not thought leaders.