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UX Principles

See a UX principle explained every time you open a new tab. This extension draws on the wisdom and training of Jakob Nielsen, Bruce Tognazzini, Don Norman and other influential UX masters to help you get your UX right.


What does UX Principles do?

UX Principles is a simple browser extension that replaces your default new tab with a UX Principle.

Some of these principles will be a reminder to keep you on the right track but you will also learn loads; we know we did when we built it.

This extension draws on the wisdom and training of Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman to help you get your UX right. It is a brief summary of the book 101 UX Principles by Will Grant and shows you the 101 most important things you need to know about usability and design.

A practical reference for UX professionals, and a shortcut to greatness for anyone who needs a clear and wise selection of principles to guide their UX success. Learn the key principles that drive brilliant UX design.


Wonderful reminders all day for UX Principles...

Dean Brady