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My Cognitive Bias

See a cognitive bias explained every time you open a new tab. Inspired by the Cognitive Bias Codex.


What does My
Cognitive Bias do?

MyCognitiveBias is a simple browser extension that replaces your default new tab with a definition os a Cognitive Bias.

This is the first extension we ever built. It has been more popular than we had ever thought it will be so it got us interested in more topics related to Behavioural Science.

Why? Cognitive biases affect everything we do. Amongst other things, they make us spend impulsively, be overly influenced by what other people think. They change our beliefs, our opinions, and our decisions, and we have no idea it is happening.

When we are aware of our biases, it is sometimes possible, to estimate the bias and then modify our behaviour. This procedure is called bias correction, and this is the reason why we built this extension.

Inspired by the Cognitive Bias Codex by List of biases mostly by Wikipedia


The extension generates a nicely formatted landing page. I also feel a low barrier to entry in learning more about cognitive biases throughout my work day since only a single term is provided each time a new tab is opened. Well done!

Robert Schuman