About us

Ethical HQ began as a solo endeavour driven by a passion for the ethical application of Behavioural Science and effective Demand Generation. Today, we're an (intentionally) small team of dedicated nerds united in the belief that marketing can be both powerful and principled. 

Our journey is marked by a shift from individual expertise to a collective force, where we blend marketing strategies and tactics with a deep understanding of human behaviour. This unique approach sets us apart, as we create campaigns and products that captivate and resonate on a deeper psychological level and ultimately deliver better outcomes.


Our mission is to empower integrity-driven companies to grow. 


Many agencies and consultants will use short-term tactics and strategies to achieve results (sometimes, these results are just vanity metrics) without regard for your company’s long-term goals.


We employ a ‘Founder’s mentality’ and do the right thing for you - every time, even if at times, it means we don’t benefit immediately. 

Ideal Customer

Our ideal customers are B2B technology startups looking to scale sustainably. By sustainable, we mean two things:
- Using ethical methods  
- Aiming to achieve long-lasting results that they can build on

Embrace the Ethical Edge

Embrace the
Ethical Edge

Take a quick swipe below to see the ethical difference between us and traditional agencies.

Illustration showing the after conditionIllustration showing the before condition
Illustration showing the after conditionIllustration showing the before condition

Why would you work with us?

Some of our key achievements include:

Planned, set up and ran multi-channel lead generation campaigns that increased website traffic by 400% and generated 325% more leads than campaigns ran previously by the client


Increased the paid search traffic by 470% with an identical budget


Increased the Demo Requests by 135% for one employer


Regularly achieve 300-400% higher CTR than the LinkedIn benchmarks.


Earlier in my career, I founded and grew a consumer website to 70k unique monthly visitors with an incredibly small budget.


Our Specialisms

Our specialisms aren't just services; they're our way of showing how much we care about doing great work.

Demand Generation

Marketing Automation

Account-based Marketing

Campaign Orchestration

Audience Segmentation

Campaign Execution

Go-to-Market Strategy

B2B Marketing Planning

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Measurement & Reporting

B2B Content Marketing

Growth Tools


Team members

A little team with big hearts, all about creating awesome stuff in the most ethical way possible.

Headshot of Radu Judele
Radu Judele
Founder & Senior Consultant
Parth Chaudhary
Senior Software Engineer
Headshot of Raluca Judele
Raluca Judele
Operations Manager